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• Manila, Philippines.

"Red Light Project"

Free art workshops for street-children + Exhibitions + Open Studios + Murals + Collaborative murals + Artists' meet & greet (visiting local artist studios) + 24/7 film shooting

• Lyon, France.

"Urban Art Jungle" by Superposition

Exhibition + Mural + Art workshop

• Butte, United States of America.

"An Ri Ra Festival"

Live painting 

Lyon, France.

"Fête de la Roquette"

Live painting 

 Montpellier, France.

"Gaz'Art" Festival

Live painting

 Lyon, France.

"Apéro des Designers Lyonnais"

Pitch presenting mural painting in front of  professionals designers

 Lyon, France.

"Cultive ta ville!" Festival

Live painting


Butte, United States of America



 Lyon, France.

"Graffik'Art Festival"

Live painting

 Cancale, France.

"L'hareng cancalais"

Live painting

Vaulx-en-Velin, France.

"Faites de la Culture"

Live painting + workshops with public

2014 - 2015

• 2015 - Lyon, France.

Art exhibition at "The Crock'n'roll" restaurant.

• 2014 - Cancale, France.

"L'Hareng Cancalais" 

Live painting + photography exhibition